"I have been back here a few times now, and every time I have been back I have not been

disappointed. In fact it just gets better and better. My favorite the Black Garlic Ramen is made to perfection.

Everything about it, the broth, meat, egg, heap full of toasted garlic and of course the fresh home made ramen noodle is perfect."


-Simon K




I have never had a dinner here that wasn't fantastic. I'm quite picky with ramen and out of many that are downtown I'm usually lead to this one. Amazing noodles, the most perfectly cooked egg, and a bone-broth to die for.


-Ryan H

If you're craving ramen, gyoza, and onigiri you must eat here! I grew up in Japan and eating here was like being in Japan!


-Christine M

Up there with the best ramen in Vancouver! I go out for ramen frequently, and I would not hesitate to recommend this place!


-Krindy C

The decor in this place is nice and understated with a relaxed atmosphere and a casual vibe, plus I love the funky tea cups! The view into the kitchen is also very cool and the staff are all super friendly.


-Laura L